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The increasing role in the Islamic world is in favor of Russia

What He Said?What Happened?

Azarbaijan Gazetta 525, August 27-2008   

Adnan Oktar: But that power will be to their favor. I mean that means a richer Russia, a richer Armenia. That means new factories, new premises in Armenia and Russia. That means selling Azarbaijan petrols, Turkish petrols, Turkish mines to Russia and Armenia. AND THAT MEANS AN INCREASE IN ALL THEIR MEANS. THEIR MARKETS EXPAND, THEIR TRADE DEVELOPS, MILITARY RISKS DISAPPEAR. BECAUSE TURKEY HAS NO HOSTILITY TOWARDS RUSSIA. BUT IT IS FRIENDLY TOWARDS RUSSIA. WE SEE RUSSIA AS AN ALLY.  We see it as a noble country. Considering Russia as an enemy is the last thing Turkey would do. Turkey has no such thought. Russia would be very pleased with such a union. It would be much to its favor. But giving reassurance to Russia is very important. It is also very important not to offend it. Trying to offend and humiliate Russia would not be appropriate. Isolating and insulating it is something wicked. Some countries has a policy of pushing Russia to isolation. In a sense, isolating Russia means destroying millions of innocent people there. This is not a conscientious behavior.  Russians are noble people. Russians are beautiful people, why should they be annihilated? Why would they be oppressed or abused? So assuring them about this is very important. We are allies with Russia. We are side by side with them in all activities.

Hilal TV, December 27-2008

Adnan Oktar: Until now I have not seen any Islamic country which does not accept Turkey’s leadership. I haven’t seen any Islamic government which doesn’t accept Turkey’s leadership until now. Kazakhstan has just rementioned that Turkey should be the leader. All Turkic states want Turkey to be the leader. Azarbaijan is so eager, even Armenia wants to unite with Turkey. They say let’s open our borders and unite. Surely, only after our articles and words they have found this courage. That’s how they come to this thought. ARMENIA, GEORGIA, EVEN LITHUANIA AND RUSSIA WILL BE IN THIS UNION INSHA’ALLAH.

Yeni Asya, January 28-2010

Russian expert Dmitri Bapic stated that increasing role of Ankara in Islamic world will contribute to Russia’s international presence.

2010-03-26 13:19:14

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