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Kıbrıs Ada TV, August 1 - 2008

Adnan Oktar: For example, the recent approaches of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia towards Turkey, are very clear and explicit. Israel says; “you were controlling the region with ten soldiers and one sergeant, we can’t do it with so many troops”. They long for the Ottoman Period. Syria openly wants to unite with Turkey, they do so openly. That is to say, it is as if an official offer were to be made, Syria would decide for that within a week. As you know, Iraq is already in a blood bath.  In case Turkey becomes a brother in the region, everything will become very still and silent instantly and the matter will be solved for good. Everyone sees this. The comities coming from Palestine, comities that come to Turkey, always suggest and request that. Turkey’s role as an older brother had become essential in the region. That is because United states failed to do this, so did Europe and Russia. There is a void in that respect. Only Turkey is in a position to fill this void. And this is a religious, ethical and humanistic duty. Turkey is already claimant for this duty. Turkey will perform this task, as a continuation of its’ heritage from Ottomans and everyone will see this insha’Allah.

Türkiye Daily, November 11 - 2009

Iraq vice president, Tarık El-Haşimi said; “We fully support Ankara striving for the stability of the region and Iraq.  Turkey is a decent partner.”

2010-02-27 03:13:39

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