The Secret Beyond Matter

New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (25 November 2015)


Our Prophet (saas) felt it when he would be receiving revelations. In the form of a heavy weight; he felt as if a heavy weight was put over him. Other companions realized this too when his skin started to fade or redden. Just as the revelation started, our Prophet (saas) closed his eyes. Then his companions also closed their eyes and did not look at our Prophet (saas). Usually, out of courtesy, our Prophet (saas) was covered with a muslin cloth. His face, his head was covered with a muslin cloth completely to his shoulders. The revelation continues, while he is in that state. It was clearly understood when the revelation was going on. Everyone there felt a pressure on them as well. When the revelation ended, they take off the muslin on our Prophet's (saas) face. After that he felt relieved and looked more like his true self. When the revelation came he was more in a half-conscious phase. In the beginning, our Prophet (saas) used to try and memorize by moving his tongue, but Almighty God said “ No more.” God said, "Do not move your tongue trying to hasten it. Its collection and recitation are Our affair." (Surat al-Qiyamah, Verses 16-17)  So God tells him to just listen. He received very long surahs and he memorized them all by heart, verse by verse. In the beginning our Prophet (saas) was anxious, wondering if he would forget them or not. That is because it is a great responsibility. He repeated them over and over not to forget them and that made him very tired. Then God told him not to do so and he didn't after that.  



Almighty God says, "God is encircling them from behind." (Surat Al-Buruj, 20) We can only see the front side of the screen, the rear cannot be seen, right? Only the front can be seen. Almighty God tells us that He is encircling us from behind and that He is watching us from there and that He sees and He hears all. He says that He is the One Who creates our speech. What is there in this reminder? “Had I liked it,” He says, “ I can pull you from behind. I am right behind you.” That is valid for everyone. God says, “I am right behind you, right at your back.” God sees from the front as well, from the front, from both sides and from the back; God sees from every angle and that is what is explained in specific detail here. Look; “You can only see what is in front of you but I can see you from your backs too,” says God.

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